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ProMOL is currently available for download for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux users. The files for past revisions of ProMOL as well as the most current version can be found on Sourceforge here.
Instructions for downloading are included in the ProMOL User Guide in the ProMOL folder. 

Click here to download the latest version of ProMOL  (ProMOL-5.3-r461) and to view the ProMOL User Guide.

ProMOL requires that either Python 2.5, 2.6, or 2.7 is installed. We recently tested Python 2.7.11 and found that it works well with ProMOL and PyMOL. Please note that it is essential that you use Python from the 2 series, not the 3 series. 

ProMOL also requires PyMOL, which can be found here.  It also requires a treewidget module which can be found in the ProMOL folder.

Other useful links include:
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