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In recent years, structural genomics initiatives have generated a large number of protein structures. However, determining the function of these proteins through traditional experimental procedures can be a slow process. This disparity has been the motivation behind the creation of computational tools to predict function from structural homology. ProMOL is a plugin for the molecular visualization program, PyMOL, which uses catalytic site homology to predict the function of proteins with no known function.

                                ProMOL's Motif Finder

                                    Alignment for the result 5rsa for the query protein 1rbn


ProMOL includes the ability:

  • to make and store motif templates in a growing library of hundreds of existing motif templates,
  • to request alignment with subsets of the motifs by temple source,
  • to view the optimal alignment between a motif template and a query structure,
  • to characterize a structure from the PDB or a structure provided by the user, and
  • to calculate the RMSD and Levenshtein distance between the query protein and its motif hits
ProMOL is a collaborative effort between Dr. Paul Craig's group at Rochester Institute of Technology and Dr. Herbert Bernstein's group at Dowling College.


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